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Are you looking for tools that will help power your business as well as the businesses of your clients? We all have seen the numbers for the projected growth rate and income potential available through Internet Marketing services, so why not open our businesses to new revenue producing channels and help power our income potential as well as power the performance of our clients' businesses with the use of Internet Marketing tools for websites.

The Voloper Internet Marketing Toolkit

The all new Internet Marketing Toolkit available for all OBS and OpenSites WDP projects+ can be used to create new revenue streams through consultancy services and increase the salability of your web solutions. With the three core modules included in the toolkit, you can help your clients make informed decisions regarding their online business and market products and services directly to carefully determined niches through scheduled email marketing campaigns. All businesses are looking for the tools offered in the Internet Marketing Toolkit.

Customer Management

The first piece of the Voloper Internet Marketing Toolkit is the Customer Manager. The Customer Manager allows you to centrally and globally manage all users who have registered with your clients' websites or via on of their website modules. Giving you the ability to create sophisticated search filters, organizing your customer database into demographic groups, the Customer Manager allows website owners to actively monitor how visitors are interacting with their website.

Email Campaign Management

The second piece of the Voloper Internet Marketing Tookit is a versatile email marketing module, the Campaign Manager, that works in conjunction with the Customer Manager. The Campaign Manager lets you create email and newsletter campaigns, scheduling them not only immediately, but also carefully tailored, based on timing, customer actions, and programmable logic. Numerous campaigns can be created to be sent to the demographic data that you or your client have created in the Customer Manager - allowing your clients to send carefully targeted information. Once your campaigns have been sent, review each campaigns' statistics in the Campaign Results section to find out how many emails have been opened, clicked through, the total number of conversions, and the total number of bounce backs and then act and make decisions accordingly.

Data Visualization

The final piece of the Voloper Internet Marketing Toolkit is the IM.Dashboard Configurator. With the Dashboard, you and your clients can visually see how customers have been interacting with your website, website modules and email campaigns. With the visual snapshots that you can configure with the Dashboard, you can then dive in deeper using the Customer Manager for further details and then take action using the Campaign Manager.

Empower Your Business

The Voloper Internet Marketing toolkit, when added to your Web solutions, offers a unique selling advantage over other suppliers in your market. With its unique ability to track and report on data gathered by the interaction of users with your website and website modules, the Voloper Internet Marketing Toolkit is a must see, and a must sell.

The Internet Marketing Toolkit and all Voloper solutions also enhance their salability in which the solutions can be hosted anywhere and that each solution can be customized to suit the unique needs of each business.

Not only will adding the Internet Marketing Toolkit to your Web projects provide you with more salable solutions, it also opens up windows of opportunity in consulting revenues for you to provide reports, analysis and insights for your clients' businesses.

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