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OpenSites WDP Pricing

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Discounted prices for any business that wishes to build websites easily for their clients.

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Product/Service Minimum Hosting Level 1 Price
(US $)
OpenSites Development Environment   FREE
Only pay when you launch a site
OpenSites Engine(Required for each site)Includes site builder and client admin panelIncludes multiple languages and Intranet areaIncludes 10 pages and unlimited forms with auto-responder, plus modules marked 'INCLUDED' below Level 1 $300
if hosted at Voloper 2
Additional Pages 3    
40 Additional pages Level 2 $50
Unlimited Pages Level 2 $100
OpenSites Practical Modules(All modules include dedicated client administration panel integrated into the OpenSites Client CMS)    
Career AgencySimple Recruitment Company solution Level 3 $150
Career ManagerCreate, manage and report vacancies Level 2 $50
Date/Time WidgetDrop in date/time control Level 1 INCLUDED
Document Manager liteCategorise, upload and manage documents Level 2 $50
Document Manager proControl document access with user log-ins, permissions and groups Level 3 $100
Dynamic CalendarPublish an events calendar, and take event bookings Level 2 $50
Event SchedulerBook and schedule time and resources online Level 2 $100
FAQ ManagerCategorise and manage FAQs thorough a convenient Admin interface Level 2 $25
Google APIEasily manage insertion of Google Maps and Search using your client's Google API Key Level 1 $10
GuestbookPublish and manage a Guestbook Level 1 $10
Advanced IntranetRestrict access to selected pages Level 2 $50
Scrolling MarqueeCreate and update Marquee text through a convenient Admin interface Level 1 $10
Site MapAutomatically update site map as pages are added, deleted, moved or renamed Level 1 INCLUDED
Site SearchSearch website pages and all module content Level 1 $25
Universal Feed ReaderEasily configure and insert RSS feeds Level 1 $10
Vertical Scrolling MarqueeCreate and update Marquee text through a convenient Admin interface Level 1 $10
Virtual BrokerCreate and manage property details for sale/rental Level 3 $100
Virtual CatalogueManage a product or service catalogue for offline order Level 2 $50
WebboardCreate moderated or un-moderated forums Level 2 $50
OpenSites Marketing & Social Media Modules    
Banner ManagerManage, rotate and report advertising banners Level 2 $25
BlogCreate and manage a web-log Level 2 $50
Link ManagerCategorise and manage Links thorough a convenient Admin interface Level 2 $25
News ManagerCreate and manage News items, and publish News using RSS Level 2 $25
Picture SweetUpload and manage images Level 2 $25
OpenSites Market Research Modules    
QuickpollAdd simple Polls to a website, and report results Level 2 $25
Survey Manager liteCreate, manage and report online surveys Level 2 $50
Survey Manager proCreate complex surveys, with additional question types and survey branching Level 3 $100
Basic E-Commerce Modules    
Shopping CartCreate and manage a product catalogue; take orders and payment Level 3 $250
Shopping Cart Download On Demand Add-On (Requires Shopping Cart)Automate sale of digital products, including controlled access to download area for paid customers Level 3 $50
Advanced E-Commerce Systems(OpenSites-Compatible E-Commerce System for Larger Online Retailers)    
Voloper Global Merchant System (VGM)Powerful web-store for demanding online retailing applications Level 4 $900
VGM Download On Demand Add-On (Requires VGM)Automate sale of digital products, including controlled access to download area for paid customers Level 4 $50
Internet Marketing and Social Media Toolkits(Extend OpenSites with Integrated Customer Insight, Email Marketing and Social Media Tools)    
Voloper Internet Marketing ToolkitComprises Site Tracking, Dashboard View, Dashboard Configurator, Customer Manager and Campaign Manager (Note 4) Level 3 $300
Voloper Social Media ToolkitIntegrates OpenSites with popular Social Media. Adds 'Social Media Push' capability to Blog, News Manager and Photo Sweet modules (where included in the Site) Level 3 $300
Voloper Social Media Power-UpCombines the features of both the Internet Marketing Toolkit and the Social Media Toolkit to provide you with additional reporting features on your Social Media activities. Level 3 $500
OpenSites Hosting(All Hosting Plans include unlimited email accounts and mail forwarders. See Hosting Matrix for full details) Price per Annum
(excludes Taxes)
OpenSites Hosting - Level 1 $75
OpenSites Hosting - Level 2 $145
OpenSites Hosting - Level 3 $215
OpenSites Hosting - Level 4 $325
Campaign Email Credits for Campaign Manager(Campaign Email Credits do not expire, and may be allocated between multiple sites within a single Developer Account.) Price per Annum
(excludes Taxes)
1,000 credits $25
5,000 credits $115
10,000 credits $200
25,000 credits $400
50,000 credits $600
100,000 credits $900
250,000 credits $1,625
Additional 10,000 credits (purchased with block of 250,000) $65
1.The Minimum Hosting Level refers to the lowest Hosting Plan required to host an OpenSites website with Voloper. To determine the Hosting Plan you require for any site, simply pick the highest level of any of the chosen site modules. Please note the Hosting Plans are designed to provide ample web space, bandwidth and database space for typical websites with the selected modules. Sites with very large amounts of uploaded content, or very high traffic levels, may require a Hosting Plan above the Minimum Hosting Level indicated, and/or additional webspace or bandwidth. Please see the Hosting Matrix for further information.
2.The charge for the OpenSites Engine - required for each website - is $300. This charge is waived for sites hosted with Voloper. Should a site be launched at Voloper and subsequently transferred to another host, the OpenSites Engine fee will be payable before the site is transferred.
3.Included / Additional Pages are individual content pages, created and managed through OpenSites. Many modules - such as the FAQ or Virtual Catalogue modules, for example - spawn multiple pages in response to website users browsing their content. These are not chargeable as Additional Pages - only the page (or pages) in which the module is inserted count towards the limit of Included / Additional Pages.
4.Campaign Manager includes an initial credit of 500 Campaign Emails. Additional Campaign Email credits are priced separately. Sites not hosted at Voloper are subject to monthly email limits. See Hosting Matrix for further details.
All Prices Exclude GST, PST or HST (payable when sold in Canada)Effective 22 February 2010 E&OE.