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It takes more than just a web shop to set up shop on the web!

Not many years ago, setting up a website that could sell your products online was difficult and expensive! Today, you can find ready-made online stores and services to get your products on the web in minutes. (Well, maybe not minutes - but only a few hours!)

So why is it harder than ever to succeed in e-commerce?

Customers expect more

While it has become easier and easier to set up a simple web store, customers' expectations keep rising. And not just about your website, but about your shipping, returns, helpline, after-sales support and more.

... and they're harder than ever to reach

Of course, you can have the greatest web store in the world, but if no-one knows you're there you won't sell a thing. Again, the fact that ready-made store software makes it so easy to get online with an e-commerce site, makes your life harder, not easier.  There are just so many online stores, portals, re-sellers, review sites, aggregators and comparison engines out there fighting for the same potential customer's attention!

Voloper can help

Voloper e-commerce solutions are designed to be technically advanced and to meet the expectations of customers used to shopping on Amazon and similar leading e-commerce stores.




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