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Voloper Wholesale Pricing

Discounted prices for any business that wishes to build websites easily for their clients.

Service Price
Campaign Manager Email Credits for OpenSites Websites hosted at Voloper Creations Inc.  
(Campaign email Credits do not expire, and may be allocated between multiple sites within a single Developer Account. 1 Credit = 1 Email sent)  
1,000 Credits $25
5,000 Credits $115
10,000 Credits $200
25,000 Credits $400
50,000 Credits $600
100,000 Credits $900
250,000 Credits $1,625
Additional 10,000 Credits (purchased with block of 250,000) $65
Note: All Campaign Email Credits are sold subject to Voloper's Additional Terms and Conditions for Campaign Email, which are designed to prevent SPAM and similar abuse that may be detrimental to the service for all useres. These are detailed below.  
Campaign Manager Perpertual License for Sites NOT Hosted at Voloper Creations Inc.  
The Campaign Manager Module may be hosted in third party hosting environments. In such cases, there is a one-off Perpetual License Fee payable, depending upon the required usage. The License is for the single Domain for which it is purchased and is non-transferrable.  
Up to 500 Emails per Calendar Month INCLUDED
Up to 1,000 Emails per Calendar Month $180
Up to 2,500 Emails per Calendar Month $360
Up to 5,000 Emails per Calendar Month $600
Up to 10,000 Emails per Calendar Month $900
Up to 25,000 Emails per Calendar Month $1,800
Up to 50,000 Emails per Calendar Month $3,300
Unlimited $6,000
Note: Voloper Creations does not warrant that your selected third party host will consent to you sending the volume of emails permitted by your license. Please satisfy yourself on this point before purchasing a Perpetual Third-Party Hosting License.  
Additional Campaign Manager Terms and Conditions  
These terms and conditions apply to all websites hosted at Voloper Creations that include the Campaign Manager module, and may be revised from time to time as Voloper Creations at its sole discretion dermines to be necessary to observe best practice in preventing SPAM and other forms of email abuse, and thereby to maximise the deliverablility of legitimate email by all site owners who rely on Voloper Creations Hosting, and the Campaign Manager.
All Prices Exclude GST and PST (payable when sold in Canada) Effective 22 February 2010 E&OE.