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Voloper Global Merchant 7.0

Voloper Creations Inc. makes it easy to run your own web store with Voloper Global Merchant 7.0 (VGM 7.0). Whether you have one product or a thousand SKUs on offer, VGM 7.0 can handle it. VGM 7.0 gets you quickly selling your products online, be it locally, nationally, or globally. VGM 7.0 lets you configure taxes and shipping costs for any country, region, zone, or ZIP/Postal code. Ship to any country on the planet or vend to only nations of your choosing.

Your store can also operate in more than a dozen major world currencies. VGM 7.0 lets you operate in either metric or American/Imperial weights and measures. You can centrally configure all screens, customer notifications, and products for over a dozen major languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and languages of emerging EU economies.

Power and Simplicity

VGM 7.0 combines both power and simplicity. Sell any product, including downloadable products like books on PDF, in any manner you choose. Sell from your inventory or link your sales directly to your suppliers and maintain a virtual, inventory free web store. VGM 7.0 is tightly integrated with more than a dozen North American and European third-party credit card processor like Authorize Net, Barclay, Vencash, and Realex. Each payment processor has its own dedicated setup screen, removing the guess work from the configuration process. All transactions between merchant and customer are conducted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and RC4 encryption, ensuring not only the security of transmissions but your online transactions comply with EU standards for data sharing.

Every product has a highly detailed setup page, giving you complete control over the product's pricing, shipping, product images, inventory, color swatches, styles, and a whole lot more. Using the built-in Web Content Editor tool, you can even individualize every product's catalog page. VGM 7.0 takes customer communication off your hands by generating customizable notification emails (registration / ordering / fulfillment) to clients. Create your own email notifications or customize the defaults. As well, VGM 7.0 automatically tracks your inventory and creates sales reports. If a product is out of stock, you can allow back ordering or you can have VGM 7.0 alert a customer a product is out of stock, ensuring you do not lose a return customer forced to wait for a product on back order.

The Voloper VGM is a powerful e-commerce application that has been deployed to over 900 clients worldwide.