A responsive websites response

Since the April 2013 newsletter announcing Voloper's responsive template integration service, we've been getting a lot of questions about using responsive templates with your Voloper project. Here are the top three:

1. Can Voloper design a custom responsive theme for my project?

Not currently. Voloper offers an integration service so if you have an existing responsive template (say, one you've found on a template site), Voloper will integrate into your OpenSites project for you.

2. Is there a cost difference between integrating a responsive template and any other template?

No. (Sweet and simple!)

3. If my site uses tables, can I integrate a responsive template?

If your site used tables for layout, then, unfortunately, integration will probably not be possible. If your site uses tables for data presentation, then, maybe. A responsive web site is meant to automatically scale layout and content for any screen size: from a large monitor down to a phone screen. Tables, notably those with a lot of data, present a problem for responsive design. There have been a number of attempts to create responsive templates that handle table scaling. However, each employs rather severe tradeoffs. So, if your site makes extensive use of tables for presenting data, ensure the template to be integrated handles tables and handles them by a method that will satisfy you and your client.

Who do I talk to?

If you plan to incorporate your responsive template into an OpenSites project, contact your Voloper sales team for information on this service.