Did you know Voloper can integrate responsive templates?

You never know what kind of device a person is going to be viewing a web site on these days. Desktops with massive screens, laptops with varying screen size, tablets, and smartphones that range from mini-tablet size to small Blackberry screens. Until recently this was addressed by creating multiple sites: one for computers and laptops and one for mobile devices with loads of compromises to handle the myriad of mobile screen sizes. For many it was maddening to create multiple pages for uncomplicated web sites. Responsive Design has, fortunately, stepped up to provide a simpler path. Responsive Design allows you to create one page that, using a combination of CSS and Javascript, adapts the layout to the viewing environment.
Of course you can write your own sites from the ground up using Responsive Design techniques. Or, you can use an existing template from a site like Template Monster and modify as necessary. Voloper Creations Inc. now offers an integration service. If you're planning to incorporate your responsive template into your OpenSites project, contact your Voloper sales team for information on this service.