Lost in the World of Social Networking?

Stop directing site visitors to leave your client's pages and visiting a client's Facebook or Twitter page. Voloper's Social Media Toolkit offers developers a suite of tools to bring social content into a client's page, keeping the site visitor engaged on the client page longer.

Learn more about what Voloper can do to make your web pages socially connected by

Visiting our Social Media Marketing page

Peruse the Social Media Toolkit manual

Download one of our free ebooks on social media

Download our Basics of Social Media white paper

Also, from our vaults, check out our 2009 how-to video. It will give you an overview of how to add social media connectivity once you've installed the Social Media Toolkit into your Opensites project. Note the old style Facebook! Takes you back to the super pokes of your youth, don't it?

Happy Holidays

This is the last newsletter for 2013! Where has the time gone? Voloper wishes WSI and all ICs the best possible holiday season and a happy new year. See you January 2014.