A major shift happened when Voloper introduced Social Media Push technology to version 7 of the OpenSites Web Development Platform.

With the Social Media Push technology, we allow the Voloper Blog, Voloper News Manager and the Voloper Photo Sweet to "push" content posted to the website, directly to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Not only do the push-enabled modules automatically update your Social Networks, they also report shared and bookmarked content on your website to the Internet Marketing Toolkit.

Using the Internet Marketing Toolkit, you can easily report on how many users have bookmarked your content and shared your content, as well as who each particular user is!

To help you take advantage of the our Social Media Push, we have added an OBS package called the OBS ultra lite Social as well as a Social Media Power Up which can be added to the popular OBS basic and OBS packages.

Talk to our team today to see how you can integrate your website with Social Media.