Capture Your Audience

The Voloper Internet Marketing Toolkit is the easiest way for you to build, manage and grow your subscriber lists and send and track email marketing newsletters and campaigns. Voloper's Internet Marketing Toolkit puts the power of Internet Marketing in your hands. The Internet Marketing Toolkit is comprised of four modules working in concert with your customer database and Google Analytics:



Instead of hand coding the Google Analytics scripts for each page, Site Tracker allows you to configure tracking once and then automatically injects the script into your site's pages.

The Customer Manager module provides the ability to manage customer information. Sophisticated search and filtering functionality allows you to mine your database based on both customer demographics and customer module activity.

Campaign Manager allows you to send email campaigns targeted at relevant customer subsets. A sophisticated reporting feature gives you conversion data and a detailed list of which customers clicked through your email to a promoted page.

The Dashboard Configurator allows you to create real-time customer activity reports and then display them graphically on one or more custom dashboard admin pages.