September 2012 eMarketplace Newsletter

Orlando Landing

Voloper Creations Inc., your WSI development and consulting partner, is pleased to announce we'll be sending a crew down to Orlando for the Excellence and Innovation conference. Please don't hesitate to consult with your friendly Voloper rep regarding not only our established and proven line of web-based applications, website development and hosting services but our consulting services.

Consulting? Yes. Voloper offers two chief areas of consulting:

Consulting: With twelve years of business success, Voloper is now looking to offer its long established consulting services for the benefit of all WSI IC’s. Voloper's Consulting Services team brings expertise in technology, corporate strategy, general management, systems integration, business analysis, project and program management, business case development and evaluation and more. If you have a large, complex project, Voloper is your WSI partner with the in-house skills and track record to help you succeed.

CRM Needs Analysis, Configuration, and Training: The right CRM solution will help any business become more efficient to capture leads, close sales deals, and manage clients. Voloper can help your clients develop the right CRM strategy and train their staff.

Don't shy away from projects you feel might be out of scope or beyond your particular area of expertise. Talk to Voloper first. If you would like to ask a question, submit a comment, or simply get in touch with us, please fill out our contact form to the right.