October 2012 eMarketplace Newsletter

Members of Voloper's team were pleased to attend another informative and successful WSI E&I conference. This one was in the fabled Magical Kingdom's backyard: Orlando, Florida.* Team Voloper took advantage of our presence to network with ICs and spread some of its own magic: our ability to work with you to help you deliver complex projects. Walt didn't build a magic kingdom or a successful creative company doing it all himself. He knew how to partner. We know many of you are considering taking on projects that appear as complex and difficult as storming one of Walt's castles, so we tried to meet as many ICs as possible and spread the message that Voloper is your perfect partner.

And as any medieval siege engineer knows the battle is won in the planning and the clock-work execution. Your shiny knights (or sample web pages) look good, but if your trebuchets (or web development team) and battering rams (or sales people) aren't at the right place at the right time, you're not kicking down the door to any magical kingdom (or profits)! Voloper team members were also pleased to be part of the BlueCamroo introductory roll-out. BlueCamroo is the ultimate all-in-one Social CRM and project management web-based business development platform.
In case you missed the BlueCamroo introductory video presented during the new WSI President Doug Schust's opening remarks, we're pleased to showcase it here:
* Well, technically we were at the beautiful Portofino Bay Hotel which is in Universal Studios' backyard. But give a story writer a break when crafting a lead. Magic Kingdom is just so much more evocative.