November 2012 eMarketplace Newsletter


Due to demand from the IC community, we are releasing a tool to help you accurately estimate projects to be developed by the Voloper development center. The Voloper Project Cost Estimator is an easy-to-use spreadsheet. Just work down the spreadsheet's "menu", check the modules and services required, and then get an accurate estimate of your project.
The Voloper Project Cost Estimator is pretty straight forward in terms of use. It's a two column menu. The left-hand column features Voloper products, like our modules, and core services like site/logo design. The right-hand side features additional Voloper services related to those products. For example, you might want to add the Voloper Blog to a project. You can configure and style the blog yourself using the module's admin panel, or if you prefer not to do the configuration and styling in-house, you can cost out half a day of Voloper setup and configuration services by checking the accompanying Voloper half-day service in the right-hand column.
There's logic built into the Voloper Project Cost Estimator. For example, you can't add a module setup service unless you also add the module. You can't add both a standard concept draft and a premium concept draft. The Voloper Project Cost Estimator will flag these items in red if you try.
Once you've worked through the menu items, the Voloper Project Cost Estimator provides an accurate estimate for the project. With this in hand, you can then use this cost as a basis for your own project quote to the client. The Voloper Project Cost Estimator also creates a "client ready" formatted estimate you can cut and paste directly into your own project quote.
Click here to Download your copy of the Voloper Project Cost Estimator today. The spreadsheet is not locked and you're free to modify it to the needs of your business. However, you should work from a copy of the Voloper Project Cost Estimator spreadsheet. If you make any modifications, make sure to test your modified spreadsheet against the original to ensure estimate calculations match.

Voloper Visits the UK

Team Voloper will be visiting IC groups in the UK at the end of November. Voloper will be attending the following WSI regional meetings:
November 28: Leeds, Yorkshire
For attendance information, please contact:
Steve Harvey-Franklin
Tel - 01484 690 430
November 30: Guildford, Surrey
For attendance information, please contact:
David Duncan | Internet Marketing Consultant
Tel - 0845 345 2592 Mob – 0785 525 2881