Voloper sees the world through your eyes

Voloper's Philip Maszkiewicz has recently completed (successfully!) his WSI franchisee certification. Philip is not technically a WSI franchisee. He is Voloper's Business Development Manager. Voloper, as a solution provider to WSI ICs, felt it was important to get on-the-ground knowledge of the skills ICs are bringing to the marketplace.
What did we, or should I say, Philip learn? Being a certified IC isn't about just showing up and collecting a Lucite plaque. The WSI certification process, both the pre-training and the week-long training, is incredibly thorough. Even the rawest IC candidate comes out the other end with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of all aspects of an IC business.
Philip found the pre-training readings a lot but easy to follow. The week long, on-site training that follows is highly intensive.
"Be open, be awake," notes Philip. "There's a lot material covered in those seven days."
For those feeling over burdened, WSI president Doug Schust gives a mid week pep talk. It's an exciting time to be joining the WSI network, notably now that WSI has formed a partnership with Google.
What was Philip's favorite part of the seven day training schedule?
"Meeting like-minded people from all around the world."
Like life-long bonds formed in boot camp, Philip advises IC candidates to make the most of connections made during the week of training.
Voloper congratulates our Business Development Manager's successful completion of the WSI certification. You can be assured when you do business with Voloper, you'll be talking to a service provider who sees the world through your eyes.