May 2012 eMarketplace Newsletter

In our February eMarketplace Newsletter we announced our new suite of consulting services aimed at helping you land and manage large scale projects you might be otherwise hesitant to take on. In May's eMarketplace Newsletter we're going to take a look at ways you can partner with Voloper and sell more to clients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was once high priced software available only to large corporations. Rapid development tools and the cloud have helped bring low-cost, feature-rich CRM and project management systems online that even a single person business can afford. You'll recall from the February newsletter that Voloper has partnered with BlueCamroo as a configuration partner. If you, as an IC, need CRM to help you manage your practice, Voloper can get you up, running, and trained on BlueCamroo.

For May, we are pleased to announce Voloper can not only set you up as a user of BlueCamroo but we can set you up as either a member of BlueCamroo's affiliate program or as a fully-fledged configuration partner yourself. The Affiliate program gives you revenue for every new client you get to sign up with BlueCamroo. For those with deep CRM knowledge, Voloper can help you become a certified Configuration Partner which can provide you with additional consulting revenue getting your own customers up, running, and trained on BlueCamroo.

Curious? Find out more about what Voloper and BlueCamroo can do for you and your clients by reading this brochure, visiting our CRM consulting webpage, or simply contacting us through the contact request form on this or any other page on our site.