July 2012 eMarketplace Newsletter

The worst thing you can do for a client is over promise and under deliver. It is, however, natural to try and bite off more than you can chew. How do you reconcile the obvious advantage of delighting the client with service that exceeds expectations and the instinct not to turn down a big pay day?

One word: partner.

The advantage of being in the WSI eMarketplace is you have access to WSI associates with a broad range of skills and experience that can help you bridge the gaps in your own offerings.

Don't Pass on large scale projects. Partner with Voloper's Consulting Services

Many of you know Voloper Creations Inc. as an established and proven provider of web-based applications, website development and hosting services. However, Voloper is also your ideal consulting partner.

With over twelve years of business success, Voloper can help WSI ICs tackle larger projects. Voloper's Consulting Services team brings expertise in technology, corporate strategy, general management, systems integration, business analysis, project and program management, business case development and evaluation and more.

If you have a large, complex project, and you're looking for a partner who can backstop you and not try to take over your project, Voloper has in-house skills and track record to help. Give us a call at any stage, from RFP to bid to that point where you fear maybe things are about to go off the rails.