Voloper OpenSites WDP, a great choice for mobile development

Voloper is your development partner, capable of handling large and complex projects. In past newsletters, we have spotlighted Voloper’s capability to produce responsive template designs. In some circumstances, however, the decision is made to build specific and differing sites for desktop versus mobile visitors.
A great example is this site, Servicios ITV (www.serviciositv.es), providing private and commercial vehicle inspection in Spain and Mallorca. The Voloper team worked closely with the consultant and the site owners to create both desktop and mobile versions of the site in two languages, for SGS España.
Because the client wanted to deliver different content to mobile users, the decision was made to use the multiple language feature of Voloper’s OpenSites WDP. Using this feature, four separate site choices were made available, each set up as a language in the site administration area: Spanish and Mallorcan, and two invented languages, “Spanish mobile” and “Mallorcan mobile”. In this way, each discrete language section could be set up as complete site division, with its own appropriate templates and regional content selectable from the landing page, or detected via script to serve content to specific devices.
Another highlight of the site is the inclusion of interactive inspection site location maps, by region. These were developed in-house by Voloper, and provide site visitors with important details for planning and booking vehicle inspections. Below are comparative page screenshots for the Cariñena inspection station in Zaragoza.