Voloper spotlight on Wesley Enhanced Living (wel.org)

Wesley Enhanced Living provides seniors with independent lifestyle and personal care services, as well as rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. This client has a focused mission, and a sense of unified presentation. Both of these goals have been effectively represented by IC Kevin Fitzsimmons and SueAnn Fitzsimmons, using the Voloper OpenSites WDP.
The site uses the Voloper Career Manager, which was customized for this site by our development team, in order to allow easy integration of an external recruiting service. This customized module is represented by a small text “Placeholder” in the site editor, accessible in the administration section of the site. The text placeholder can be copied from the page editor and pasted into place where it is needed on a particular site page. Standard Voloper modules, as well as specialty programming developed in-house, can be represented and put to use by employing this simple Placeholder method.
Voloper Creations is your development partner, ready to customize made-to-order solutions for your use with the OpenSites WDP.