Responsive web design integration questions

Can Voloper integrate a responsive template into Opensites?
Yes we can! Voloper offers an integration service where if you have an existing responsive template (say, one you've found on a template site), Voloper will integrate it into your project for you.
Is there a cost difference between integrating a responsive template and another template?
Our experience has shown us that the varying time to integrate and test such templates, across multiple platforms and browsers, requires us to treat and quote each integration individually.
If my site uses tables, can I integrate a responsive template?
If your site used tables for layout, then, unfortunately, no integration is possible. If your site uses table for data presentation, then, maybe. A responsive web site is meant to automatically scale layout and content for any screen size: from a large monitor down to a phone screen (see images below). Tables, notably those with a lot of data, present a problem for responsive design. So, if your site makes extensive use of tables for presenting data, ensure the template to be integrated handles tables, and in a method that will satisfy you or your client.
Who do I talk to?
If you're planning to incorporate your responsive template into your OpenSites project, contact your Voloper sales team for information on this service.
Technical considerations
If you intend to modify integrated responsive templates yourself, it should be borne in mind that there are many styles in place to keep everything in one piece; inserting any style could have effects well beyond those you intended. This is the “cascading” property of cascading style sheets. It is always a good idea to copy every CSS file you intend to edit, so there is an easily and readily available backup on hand.
This responsive template offers a good example of the design challenges raised by responsive design:
Resized template, showing undesirable responsive behaviour. The black text is now superposed on the jacket: