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Why E-Learning

With the tremendous growth and global reach of the Internet, educators agree that the Internet has become an extremely effective method of offering education. Corporations and Academic institutions are finding the costs of offering instruction declines significantly when delivered over the Internet.


Our e-Learning System, OLE (Open Learning Environment), is an extremely powerful application which provides corporations and academia with an effective and efficient means of providing education and training online.

OLE has been designed to offer a configurable, feature-rich solution for various audiences, designed to be easy to use and geared towards achieving improved student comprehension and an enhanced learning experience. It has been developed with the following objectives:

• Facilitating online learning

• Accelerating productivity

• Enhancing the user experience

Corporate E-Learning

Our Corporate E-Learning application is designed with businesses in mind and meets industry standards in e-learning known as the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). By meeting these standards training materials can be designed in an intricate format according to user interaction by using the system course designer or through uploading a third-party SCORM conformant course module.

Corporations often need to assess skills, educate, and offer mandatory industry testing for their employees. Using Voloper's E-Learning Application, corporations now have the ability to conduct assessments and global training at a significantly lower cost and at a much faster rate. Save time and money for your business and implement one of the most impressive e-learning applications on the market today.

Key Features:

  • An Admin Panel allows full configuration of templates, user profiles, course information, messages, autoresponders, as well as import and export functions.
  • Easily create, package, and distribute learning content effectively through easy-to-use-upload tools for audio, video, graphics, PowerPoint, PDFs, Word, Excel, Flash, and prepared templates.
  • Features an adaptive learning environment that caters to a student's preferred way of learning.
  • Provides collaborative resources, allowing students to interact with their instructors and fellow learners.



SCORM Compliant e-Learning

With SCORM compliant eLearning, you can train, educate, and sell over the Internet and eliminate the costs of traveling and facility rentals.


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