Giving Social Media a Name 2/10/2010 How Voloper's OpenSites makes reporting on your Social Media efforts possible.

Lately we've been talking a lot about Social Media and how you can really get things done more efficiently for your campaigns right through your very own website, so we hope you have been following.

Today, I want to tell you about the reporting features that are available for the all new Social Media Push enabled modules and the Social Media Toolkit for your websites. If you are familiar with the Internet Marketing Toolkit, then you are probably familiar with the powerful reporting features that it has and how it is able to tell you who has visited your website and what each particular user has done. Whether they have downloaded a document, clicked on a banner, or commented on a Blog post - no matter what it is, it's all captured for you and available to be reported on.

This concept of powerful reporting is now carried over to Social Media on your website. If you add one of the new Social Media Push enabled modules on your website, not only will the Internet Marketing Toolkit tell you what user decided to retweet your content, share your content on Facebook, or used one of the Social Bookmarking services, but it will also tell you how many people returned back to your website from content that has been shared.

For example, if you take me as a visitor of your website (a site that I visit frequently) that includes the Internet Marketing Toolkit and Social Media Push enabled modules, you will be able to see what I have done on your website. You will also see that I have shared your Blog Post on Social Responsibility to my Facebook account. My Facebook stream (of all the interesting things that I do) will then publish your Blog's Title and a link back to your website. Now, as the popular guy that I am, 1000 of my friends on Facebook see the Blog post of yours that I have shared and click back to your website. Using the Internet Marketing Toolkit, you'll be able to see that I shared your content on Facebook AND that 500 of my friends on Facebook came back to your website! Now that's powerful.

Just think of the doors that this now opens for marketers. You have one sole user on your website who was responsible for generating 500 new visitors from Facebook alone. I bet you'll treat me rather well and make sure that I'm aware of any new content that you publish.

Just to give you some food for though.