All New VGM 7 and Shopping Cart 7! 4/28/2010 Experience True E-Commerce with the new VGM 7 and Shopping Cart 7 - just released today!

When it comes to adding eCommerce capabilities to your website you need to consider the functionality to ensure that it allows you to do what you need it to, as well as that it provides a friendly and easy-to-navigate experience for your website visitors.

Voloper’s VGM 7 and Shopping Cart 7 releases provide business owners with the functionality they need and delivers a user experience to the website visitor that is necessary to maximize conversions.

Business owners have always found that they have made the right choice in using the VGM or Shopping Cart as their eCommerce solution, because of the flexibility it offers in allowing them to do what they want for their online store and they know that their customers will be safe and secure and have an enjoyable online shopping experience.

If you are in the process of deciding what eCommerce system will be right for your online business, take a moment and download our VGM 7 and Shopping Cart 7 comparison document to see that features included in each; and for more information, contact us and a representative will be glad to discuss your needs.