Our unique Email Marketing system will allow you to run from the most basic to the most sophisticated email marketing campaigns to ensure that you never lose track of customers and leads.

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  Opportunity Details page

Email Marketing with Campaign Manager

What does the Campaign Manager do?

Campaign Manager allows you to send email campaigns targeted at relevant customer subsets. A sophisticated reporting feature gives you conversion data and a detailed list of which customers clicked through your email to a promoted page.

Campaign Manager can be configured to send out campaigns on an immediate basis or carefully tailored based on timing, customer actions, and programmable logic. Campaign Manager also provides post-campaign metrics, allowing you to see important data like how many customers have viewed your campaign and how many have clicked through to your promoted site.

Main Features of our Campaign Manager Email Marketing Solution

  • Automatic unsubscribe link
  • Create an unlimited number of email templates for use in campaigns
  • Generate click through reports
  • Create triggers that launch a campaign based on user action
  • Send campaigns out immediately or create carefully timed campaigns that go out before major holidays
  • Ensure campaigns go out on weekdays
  • Target emails to subscribers based on pre-programmed demographics
  • Copy and reuse a successful campaign with one click
  • Get a bounced email report, allowing you to correct inaccuracies in your email database